Transcontinental Race

"This is a bicycle race for those who wish to pick up a bike, shake hands on the start line and race thousands of miles for the pure satisfaction of sport and no other motive but for the learnings of one’s self."

The Transcontinental Race has only one stage where the clock never stops, riders must chosen when and where they rest. Between the start and finish are 4 checkpoints defining a vague route for the riders but how find their way between these check points is up to them. Finally each rider must be un-supported and can only use what they are able to carry with them or purchase along the way.

Neil Phillips

A Cornish country boy now living and forever rolling around the big city on two wheels. With a passion for racing bikes but with a sense of exploring further afield, it’s been a goal to combine the two since seeing the inception of the Transcontinental race three years ago. Loving hills and leaving the comfort of paved surfaces, this year’s inception couldn’t be a better challenge.

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